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CCL Group open sources Python modules on GitHub

CCL Group open sources Python modules on GitHub

CCL Group are delighted to be giving back to the open source and wider digital forensic community by open sourcing a number of Python modules.

Today, following some recent research into Windows Sandbox, CCL are releasing a module and a number of scripts which facilitate the reading of data and metadata from VHDX Virtual Hard Disk files - even when they are damaged.

With further modules in the pipeline, we are welcoming collaboration from other developers and practitioners.

It is not the first time CCL Group have open sourced software, and these modules can be found on our GitHub page.

Follow CCL Group to keep up to date with new modules coming soon.

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Дата: 2019-07-12 11:28:05

Источник: https://cclgroupltd.com/2019/07/12/ccl-group-open-sources-python-modules-on-github/